Here at Grayce Wynds, we always have "dreams" in progress, and some of them are coming to fruition.  In June, 2017 we will host our first clinic, Carolyn Resnick's Waterhole Rituals, led by one of her certified trainers, Teddie Ziegler. If you want to experience a true bond with your horse, then this is the method for you! It is nothing like any other program being taught today, and  it is actually quite easy to learn and to put into practice. Ms. Resnick lived with wild horses for three summers and has translated what she learned into her Waterhole Rituals program. She trademarked the term "liberty training" back in the 1970's because allowing the horse to "have a voice" in his development is absolutely essential. Most "natural horsemanship" programs, although "humane", are actually quite coercive. When a horse is allowed to walk away when he wants to do this, the foundation is laid that can develop into an amazing horse-human connection. We hope you can attend. We look forward to meeting you!

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Mountain View


 For those of you who are considering attending, we are happy to tell you that we are exactly 2 miles from the ocean!  We have several friends with beach houses to rent so we would be happy to assist you in finding accommodations.  One of our friends has a beachfront home with 5 bedrooms/bathrooms which could be shared among 5 participants.  If interested, let us know.  For those of you who want to investigate other options, we can recommend the following rental agencies:  Hobbs Realty, Brunswickland Realty, Alan Holden Vacations, Coastal Vacation Resorts, and Holden Beach Properties. If you google Holden Beach restaurants, you will also find many options.  There is one small motel on the causeway called The Gray Gull Motel (with a pool) 910-842-6775.  Our closest town is Shallotte.  Please go to our "contact us" page to fill in your information, and we will call you to answer any questions. Payment arrangements can be made on an individual basis.  Hope to see you in June!