Welcome to Grayce Wynds Farm!!

“Uniting Heaven and Horses for Human Inspiration” 

a small horse farm located at Holden Beach, North Carolina

The Wild Horse Preserve At Grayce Wynds


We will be closed May 29 and 30, 2019 due to extreme heat.

Effective June 4, 2019, our opening hours will be changed to later in the day due to summer heat.

New hours : 4 - 8 pm  Tuesday - Thursday


We are expecting 2 new North Carolina banker ponies in May! Be sure to look for them when you visit.

We have a few new ponies at the Farm but the most exciting part is that both of the new mares were pregnant when they got here and delivered their new babies here at the farm early this year! The new babies are growing fast! 


Our DVD is available in the "for Sale" section:  In Search of the Wild Horses of the East Coast (learn about the herds and where to find them)!

Every cent goes into our Wild Horse Fund to benefit the wild horses!


For Sale

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