Meet the Horses!


Inspiration: Horses


All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord God made them all.

                      ~ Cecil F. Alexander, 1848


Horses are a source of inspiration for us—looking at them, studying them, being with them, touching them, riding them. They are a symbol of power and strength. They are also a symbol of peace, tranquility, and gentleness. Our Chincoteague ponies are a symbol of the wild horses along the East Coast. They are a symbol of a bygone era when horses roamed free and were gathered once a year for branding, selling, and a rodeo celebration.  Currently, there are eight herds of wild horses still living on the East Coast.

Horses in general have such willing spirits. They inspire us with romance and nostalgia when we take carriage rides, see mounted police, watch a hitch of Clydsdales pull the famous Budweiser beer wagon, or visit religious communities where horses have not been replaced by machinery. All over America, they are used in therapeutic programs for people with all kinds of disabilities. Hence, as Christians, we have come to consider our farm a “horse ministry.” We use them in all of our video endeavors just to let people SEE them.  It is a true blessing to live with one [or more].


TESTIMONIAL:  There are many people teaching horsemanship, and one popular theme is "natural horsemanship."  We discovered Carolyn Resnick and chose to study her program, the Waterhole Rituals.  We believe that her program is absolutely the most effective way to relate to horses, and we urge anyone interested in developing a true bond with their horse to check out her website,  We are both honored and excited to be hosting one of her Waterhole Clinics this coming October of 2017.  For more details, check out Programs and Events.