Interested in Volunteering?       Here are Opportunities to Help

As with all non-profit organizations, volunteers are our lifeblood. We have a broad range of activities that we could use your help with (see list below).  Our Grand Opening is May 28, 2019 and we will be open through the Summer until Labor Day.  If you are interested in sharing your expertise or is you are simply interested in getting out of the house, we have plenty of opportunities here at the Wild Horse Preserve At Grayce Wynds.  Please consider joining us!

  1.  Help with events-Dinners, birthday parties, group field trips

  2.  Feed Horses- Daily 9am and 5 pm (approximate times)

  3.  Chamber Ambassador-Attend Chamber meetings and represent the Preserve and Farm

  4.  Fundraising-Help raise funds for ongoing operations, programs, horse rescues, etc

  5.  Computer Expertise-System implementations, Webmaster, Spreadsheets, etc

  6.  Treasurer/Book keeper

  7.  Social Media Presence-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc 

  8.  Program Development

  9.  Work in the Village during operation-admission booth, snack bar, gift shop, schoolhouse, pony rides

          Hours of Operation:  Tuesday-Wednesday  11am-5pm, Thursday evenings 4pm-8pm

 10.  Work with ponies-tacking, leading, riding, grooming, autographing

 11.  Drive tractor for pony train (barrel ride)

 12.  Go to festivals, representing Preserve/Farm and selling merchandise

 13.  Drive van to Rachel Carson Reserve and lead the "Wild Horse Adventure"  

 14.  Serve on the Advisory Board and make suggestions for various components of the Preserve Program, including new ones

 15.  Equine Therapy Training and Skills

 16.  Drag Fields with the tractor (manure management) and spread Fly Predators

 17.  Mow grass with riding mower

Interested in Helping? Click here to complete the Volunteer form.